SPF Academy vs Levante UD Friendly Match

Looking back SPF Academy 2018 year events

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Past 2018 was a big year for SPF Academy, we made very good new friends and some of our old friends made us proud of them starting their professional career in clubs worldwide.

The past year was the first for SPF Academy as tournament promoters and managers bringing us the opportunity to meet new players and clubs worldwide in trophies like First edition of Trofeo Escoles Valencia CF for ages from 6 to 8 years old where we held forty teams associated to Valencia CF Academy in the training complex of Valencia CF.

Besides we had an incredible experience promoting the first women tournament “SPF – Vila del Puig” with three ages group from 8 years old to above.

SPF Vila del Puig Women Football

In that tournament, we had the opportunity to share trends and opinions around women football with some relevant names from FIFA and La Liga uncovering a brilliant perspective for the women football worldwide.

Both tournaments will have their second edition next year and SPF Academy will be there.

We had the pleasure to host clubs and academies from any part of the world; like Regional Sports from Abu-Dabi. One of the most recognized football academies from the UAE. From UAE we had as well the last FIFA Clubs World Cup Vice-Champion, Al-Ain FC have choice SPF Academy to do the pre-season stage for their U14 and U16 players. From Bahrain, we received as well, Winners Football Center and from UAE we received as well a group of players from the UAE women national team.

Al Ain players at SPF Offices

Al Ain players at SPF Offices

We hosted as well a great group from the association “Everything is possible” from Liverpool, UK and from South Africa the U12 team from Premier Football Academy.  All they had the willingness to enjoy their Spanish football experience and develop their football skills in our academy in Valencia or in short football trips around Spain.  We had great memories of all of them and hopefully, we can look forward quickly in the future.

SPF Academy vs Levante UD Friendly Match

Meanwhile, our group of players enrolled in our professional players’ development program is continuously growing with players from USA, Indonesia, Korea, China, Egypt, India, Colombia, Singapore, … our wish for 2019 is their wills comes true.

Cheers for that.