Meet the player: James Forbes.

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Meet James Forbes, a rising football star who embarked on his journey starting in the United States, hailing from Orlando, Florida, only to find himself at  Spain Rush-SPF Soccer Academy, where he has meticulously crafted his flourishing career. This is a story about the talent, determination and transformative power fused with an intensive training to reach a dream.

From Orlando to stardom in Spain

Orlando native James Forbes found his passion for soccer early in life. Growing up in sunny Florida, he move to Boca Raton at age 13, this was an important step in his development. These early experiences laid the foundation for his soccer journey and athlete dream, he knew from an early age what he wanted to do, he showcased his natural talent and dedication in every field.

Another important chapter in Jame’s life was that at the age of 16, he made a life changing decision, to join the Spain Rush- SPF Soccer Academy. His two and a half years at the Academy have been transformative. An academy known for its rigorous training and focus on developing well rounded players and a list o succes stories with player playing professionally. At the same time James was able to continue his studies and graduate within the top 3 of the class, thanks to discipline and good attitude towards education.

The impact of an Elite Soccer Academy 

James wants someday go back to the United States, carring all these experience on his back to join the MLS, this wouldnt be the first player from Spain Rush-SPF that reaches the Professional level of MLS, we are talking about Dj Taylor, currently playing in Minnessota United F.C. We know that James worked very hard on his technique and physical fitness through out this time, bringin his level up on every kick.

The influence of Spain Rush-SPF on James’ career is undeniable. The academy’s unique approach, combining tactical knowledge, physical conditioning and mental fitness, prepare him for the competitive world of professional Soccer, with time, James developed a determined and professional mindset which will be crucial to his success.

Rising to New Heights in San Jose

As a result of all the hard work, effort He is soaring to new heights in C.F. San Jose. James, now 18, competes in Division II at San Jose, a testament to his dedicated effort and exceptional coaching at Spanish Rush. His path from a youth enthusiast in Florida to a professional player in San Jose shines as an inspiring beacon for aspiring football players.