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In addition to the technique with the ball, a stronger physique is also very important. A strong physique leads to winning more duels on the soccer pitch. To achieve this, strength training is required. This can easily be combined with soccer, but you have to know which exercises and repetitions are correct. The combination of fitness and soccer often leads to injuries, so we give a number of tips about combining both sports. Spainrush-SPF is a Europe soccer academy where strength is very important.

For soccer players it is especially important to train the leg muscles and core. Strong leg muscles and a good core ensure that a soccer player gets faster, more explosive and better balance. Three points that are very important for a soccer player. Of course, fitness is also very important to train as a soccer player, this usually happens on the field but can also be trained in the gym ,for example on a treadmill. The right strength training can lead to fewer injuries. Balance and coordination exercises are very good to prevent injuries.

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At Spainrush-SPF, various strength training sessions are also organized for the soccer players. We are one of the best soccer academy of spain and this also includes the right strength training. We do everything we can to keep the players within the academy strong and fit, physiotherapists are always ready to help where necessary.

When combining fitness and soccer, it is important to always start with interval training. This way you train the endurance of the muscles and they stay fit. After this, a player can continue with strength training. It is recommended to do many repetitions of certain exercises with a lower weight. This ensures that the condition of the muscles is optimally trained again, but the strength of the muscle also increases.

There are hundreds of different exercises but we have a list of favourites within our soccer international academy: squats, planks, calf muscle exercises, lunges.

In the absence of knowledge for an exercise, you can always use Youtube to see how an exercise is optimally performed.

It is important that a player pays attention to his planning, so it is not wise to do a heavy strength training in the morning and play a soccer match on the same day. Spainrush-SPF plays many matches and belongs to a match academy soccer. We always make sure the players in the academy can perform strength training without being inconvenienced. In addition, it is also very important to get a good diet when a soccer player combines his sport with fitness. Spainrush SPF ensures that everything runs smoothly and that the players will achieve good personal growth.