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Football is one of the most played sports in the world. The millions of people who play football have a lot of injuries. luckily , most injuries can be prevented, unfortunately a large part of football players know little about this. At Spain Rush-SPF Football Academy we do everything we can to prevent injuries and this offers the players an optimal playing time.

Spain Rush-SPF has several physiotherapists with experience within international football academies. Spainrush-SPF wants the players to visit the physiotherapists as little as possible, so we have a number of tips to prevent injuries.

1. Stay active: The football season usually lasts from September to May, in addition there are some months when there is little football. During these months it is very important to keep moving. When there is little or no sport in the months when football is done, the player gets a lower resistance. This is one of the most common reasons for injuries. Good sports to combine with football are swimming, cycling, strength training and running. Professional football players often only get a short period of time off to keep moving again in the summer months.

2. Build activity: When a player has not been moving for a long time, it is important to build up slowly. For example, it is not wise to immediately play an intensive match after a long time without football. Slowly building up activity ensures that muscles get used to football again and so do not become overloaded.

3. Warming up: A good warming up actually speaks for itself, yet this is often forgotten. Spainrush-SPF is one of the best professional football academies in Spain and also pays a lot of attention to warming up players. This reduces the chance of injuries.

4. Cool down: After a match or training, it is also wise to slowly decrease. For example, a player can go for a leisurely jog or walk after a match, this ensures that the muscles cool down slowly and are less likely to become overloaded.

5. Wear the right equipment: We always recommend football players to wear good football boots and shin pads. Often football players don’t wear shin pads or bad football boots, which leads to injuries.

6. Stay hydrated: Drinking well is very important during exercise. Too little water causes the muscles to dry out and this can cause cramps or injuries. Spainrush-SPF always makes sure that the players are getting enough water.

7. Listen to your body: As soon as you experience discomfort or pain while playing football, it is important to stop immediately. It often happens that players continue playing with a pain, resulting in an overload. Even the smallest pain can turn into a long-term injury. Therefore always be alert.
If a player within Spainrush-SPF is injured, our physiotherapists are always ready to help. This contributes to training young footballers to become professional football players.