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For many kids specially in the United States, playing American Football, Basketball, or Baseball comes natural for them. But there are many other reasons why soccer is becoming the best and safer option for kids in the U.S.A. Firstly, we are going to start by the obvious, Soccer is the most popular sport in the world with millions of players and growing.


A soccer culture is rapidly going around the country, boys and girls are becoming more interested in this sport. One of the advantages that soccer has over American Football is the Physical body mass, soccer players are more athletic and rely more on the fitness and strategy. Some of the world’s top soccer players such as Lionel Messi, rely on skills rather than its mass, making soccer a more inclusive sport among people.

Another advantage of soccer over American Football is how inexpensive the equipment can be compared to one another, the two most costly items are the soccer cleats and a ball, then a Jersey, shorts, and shin guards neither of them are overly expensive, compared to football with all the expensive Gear, like an approved helment.


The basics of soccer are intuitive and easy to understand with straightforward rules and clearly defined with few regulations. Furthermore, if you are looking to be in international competitions and have a global reach in sports such as the Olympic games soccer wins over American football since the Olympic committee has yet accepted football as an Olympic Sport. Soccer has been part of the Olympics and is a regulated sport since 1900.

Soccer acts like an international language with its global reach that breaks cultural barriers in every corner of the world at the highest level, giving people the chance to represent their own country, providing more opportunities to compete internationally, amateur, or professional. Individual players can go to different training camps around the world, especially in Europe where the soccer culture is in another level, Europe has branded itself as the center of modern soccer. Spain Rush-SPF is among the best soccer academies in Spain, with players from all over the world specially the United States of America. Some already playing pro like the case of DJ Taylor a North Amrican Ex-Alumni of Spain Rush-SPF Academy. If you have any questions regarding attending a high-performance soccer academy in Europe don’t hesitate to contact us.