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The beginning of May brings an end to Ramadan, a holy month for Muslims. One third of the population of the world are Muslims, so there is no surprise to know that most of the finest professional footballers are too. To fast from sunrise to sunset for a whole month can be challenging specially if you must train every day.

We all know that professional athletes must endure intense training, it’s counterproductive to break the routine and still maintain an optimal physical and mental state afterwards. Its no secret a balanced diet and proper hydration are important for a player performance. So, we ask ourselves, how difficult it is to be a Muslim player during Ramadan?  

Being a footballer during Ramadan.

According to Muslim footballers, resting properly during these days is crucial for the recovery but they do admit the endurance and mental concentration are reduced. Everyone in the professional sports understand this practice and it’s safe to say that most of the coaching teams are very flexible and show sympathy with the players during these days by monitoring the players training load, motivation, and moods. Some football organizations go a bit further, delaying the training time after 18:30 to give a chance for players to ingest something before going into the field.

At Spain RUSH-SPF we understand the effort and dedication football players makes to complete a whole month with a different diet and hydration needs, we are proud to have players from all over the world, including Muslim countries and apart from offering technical, tactical, and educational training, we take into consideration the diet and its food ingredients to adapt to each player no matter where they come from. This inclusive nature of the academy and the city of Valencia creates a great environment for the players to live a full enriching experience. A football academy located in the Mediterranean coast with tailor made programs prepared for each group.

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