SPANISH PRO FOOTBALLservices&programs

Our company is composed of three main lines of business, in which we find our elite football academy, the high performance training camps / summer soccer camps and the training, auditing and implementation of the Spanish Pro Football methodology of other clubs abroad.

SPF Academy

During the season the players train in Valencia with our team and with local Spanish teams.

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Training Camps

Come here and train with us and other Spanish teams in short term intensive programs.

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Summer Camps

Come and enjoy the summer in Spain and improve professionally as a footballer.

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We have years of experience organizing sporting events and tournaments.

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Training course for coaches

We have specific training programs for coaches created by the best professionals.

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Erasmus+, (Host Organisation)

We are a hosting centre for students from all over Europe with the Erasmus+ programme.

"We do not believe in luck, that's why we work hard every day, to get new and deserved opportunities"

Fair & Friendly Service

  • Administrative and legal assistance

    From the company we manage all the administrative and legal formalities that the players may have to do when they move to Spain.

  • Academic support

    All aspects related to the education and formation of players are also managed by the company.

  • Full medical insurance and pharmacy

    Players have medical insurance at IMED. This is one of the most modern and advanced health centres in Spain thanks to its prestigious facilities.

  • Other services around

    Hairdressers, clothing stores, shopping malls, spas, ... Valencia is also an open city and there are temples of all major religions.