The Spanish Pro Football Academy Pre-Season Recruitment Program

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Spanish football teams are back to work this week as the new player tryout period commences!

For most of the teams in Spain’s major and minor leagues, the pre-season stages are used to evaluate what additions the team needs and what new players will fit those needs. A major component of the first stage is getting all the players back in shape for the start of the season. With no two players being identical, each player has their own individual intensive work-out program to follow. New players, though, are evaluated by the clubs during the second portion of the preseason by the technical staff to highlight what skills and abilities of the player will fit the team’s needs for the next season.

SPF Pre-Season Recruitment Program

The Spanish Pro Football Academy pre-season recruitment program focuses on finding football players with team experience and helping them obtain a trial with a Spanish soccer club for the next season.

SPF’s pre-season recruitment program starts off with the technical staff performing a player’s football evaluation. This process will allow the staff to detect what the player’s strengths and weaknesses are. The next step is designing an individual training plan for the player to secure a team hiring within a period of two months, maximum.

Usually the Spanish soccer teams will host the guest players to a tryout period (training or developmental camp) where the teams will get a first-hand look at their recruited players. After the tryout period and based on the player’s evaluation, the club team will make an offer directly to the player.

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This program is open to all nationalities and follows FIFA rules and regulations.