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We can agree that sponsorship in international soccer teams is an effective form of advertising, many brands pay really high sums of money to be able to sponsor with a soccer team, since a fifth of the world’s population is connected to soccer and is the most televised and streamed sport in the world, no wonder many important brands want that visibility. Brands have gone a long way advertising in soccer academies, soccer clubs and also during the games. It is very common to see soccer players in the field wearing brands such as Samsung, Redbull, Emirates Airlines etc. But did you know that back in the 1890s the tobacco industry used to be one of the main sponsors of international soccer teams? Brands were looking to relate a healthy and sportsy appeal to their packaging, promoting a constant consumption of their products.

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While we didn’t have enough information to know that tobacco and sports don’t mix, because it reduces performance and causes lung damage and is not reversible. It’s a great opportunity to realize how far we have come in sports and how today we take many factors under consideration, such as health, proper equipment, food…


On May 30th was the World ” No Tobacco Day”. Our Spanish soccer academy wants to highlight the importance of maintaining a healthy body, this is part of the dedication of a professional soccer player. The use of tobacco among professional soccer players is not prohibited but is frown upon and seen as an unhealthy habit.

Today most soccer academies and professional clubs and organizations such as UEAFA and FIFA wont endorse any participation or sponsorship with tobacco companies, Spain and many countries in Europe has come up with restrictive laws against it, all looking for a corporate social responsibility and are presently working internationally to enforce these laws in more permissive places such as Indonesia and Malaysia where tobacco companies still work with soccer teams and pro soccer players.

Spain rush-SPF and international soccer academy with an inclusive nature of young and talented players, that promotes a healthy lifestyle and dedication for soccer, we train the best players and prepare them for professional soccer tryouts in Spain. We are an elite soccer academy with international presence including the United States of America.