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Spain rush SPF, a football academy with affiliates all around the world. The passion for football does not know any limits, breaking the cultural, language and distance barriers. In the last years Spanish football clubs are increasing their relevance in the Asian Market. Professional football clubs such as Real Betis and Eibar hold Japanese Bonekai events, looking to maintain a continuous growth to build a connection and identity that is growing stronger with the Tokyo fans.

An Intenational Football Academy reaching new frontiers.

Football academy in Japan

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As an international professional football academy, we believe in reaching new frontiers to expand our commitment to offer an exceptional football training to aspiring athletes. We believe in an inclusive international staff and players from places like Tanzania, Korea, India… all with professional football in mind as a common denominator.

As part of this expansion, we have Mahiro Hasegawa in our staff, in charge of handling international relations with Japan, Spain rush SPF is currently collaborating with Masaki Sports Academy, contributing to the proliferation of professional Spanish football in Japan. This professional football academy holds events and tournaments, promoting Spain Rush SPF football academy in the community. Just like our football academy, Masaki Sports train everyday and they focus on the young generations, to provide discipline, competitive spirit and attitude. Training under the harshest conditions, rain or shine, the members of this football academy show us that they play and train with the same conviction and passion that all professional athletes should have.

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We want to recognize the dedication and the love, Asian fans have for our football teams! highlighting the ongoing partnership with this football academy. Remember you can also be part of this dream! If you wish to play in an international football academy in Valencia Spain, don’t hesitate to contact us. Enjoy the experience, weather and the professionalism of the UEFA coaches and prepare for the official tryouts. Let us advise you with no obligation!