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The psychological factor underneath the goal

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The job of a football goalkeeper is no easy task. The pressure you feel under the posts is not comparable to any position on the field. But above all, a sense of responsibility is a very important factor in choosing this position.

The psychological aspect is an essential factor in the world of sport, to be physically well, you first have to be psychologically well. In the case of the football goalkeeper, this aspect is even more important, the player is only in one part of the field, so he only has himself and his performance is very determinant, so the sense of responsibility and pressure of this player is even greater.

In goalkeeping he is also in charge of reading the game without participating actively, organizing the team and arranging the defence to make his team more effective. So the concentration is even greater during the game. 

One of the factors that many studies explain is that the safety of the goalkeeper is essential. Players are more confident if the goalkeeper shows confidence and they are confident in their work. The team is not afraid to defend, and the goalkeeper trusts his players to do so. Transmission of security under the posts is essential for a team to function perfectly.

A goalkeeper has a decisive power

He is the hero in a competition, or he is the one who brings about the defeat of the team. Everything has to be under control in his plan and he has to know how to generate emotions, stress, anger and anxiety in critical moments. We can easily see this in the action of stopping a penalty and the minutes/seconds before the player shoots towards his goal.  

The demand in that position is so high that it requires a specific training; which is complementary to a program of psychological help to work the required concentration of his demarcation. The management of frustrations and helplessness in difficult moments is key for both the goalkeeper, as a leader, and the team to continue to move forward to progress in their goals.

In the case of goalkeeping coaches, they have a very important mission; the transmission of confidence. The coach is the person who leads the team, but he feels supported by the help of the goalkeeping coach so that he transmits the necessary confidence, concentration and attention to the player under the clubs.

spf academy goalkeeper training
Spf Academy goalkeeper training

A not easy demarcation, underestimated, and at the same time required within a team. They are the ones who live on that fine line that separates victory from defeat.