Mafridza Riansyah Putra & Atharasyah Nakhalah Ramadhan Young Football Academy Spain

Indonesia arrives to Spanish Pro Football Academy, more players enrolled.

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The last country incorporated to our own United Football Nations is Indonesia. Spanish Pro Football Academy is growing in number of players and origin countries, and the Asian country is our last incorporation

So far from Spain, Indonesia has a short history in football but their player is getting pretty important relevance during the last years in the European leagues.

This week arrived to our football academy in Spain two Indonesian football players; Mafridza Riansyah Putra and Atharasyah Nakhalah Ramadhan.

Mafridza Riansyah Putra Young Football Academy Spain

Mafridza Riansyah Putra

Mafridza Riansyah was born in Jakarta in 2004, where he receives an early football interest. He started his football career at Bintang Junior Selection, at Jakarta City where he early showed his great attitude into the squad and his will to be a professional football player.

Playing like a midfielder offensive, Mafridza Riansyah has great potential as a football player, thanks to his great technical skills and ball control.

His goal being enrolled into the SPF Academy is to upgrade his level in all the football aspects into the Spanish Football Standard and star to play in the Spanish leagues with one of the associated football clubs with Spanish Pro Football Academy in the region of Valencia at the junior level.

The second players enrolled in the professional football player development program is Atharasyah Nakhalah. Born in 2006, he is the younger of the group and has a great future forward him.

Atharasyah Nakhalah Ramadhan Young Football Academy Spain

Atharasyah Nakhalah Ramadhan

Atharasyah Nakhalah also has started his football career at Bintang Junior Selection where he brought pretty good performances in the field moves him to take the decision to move to Spain to continues his football career where he can continue with his great future forecast

If you are interested in how to follow Atharasyah Nakhalah and Mafridza Riansyah steps and being enrolled in the professional player development program don’t hesitate to reach us at and we will bring you a bespoke proposal.