Sergey Shutov

Sergey Shutov, first russian Football player for SPF Academy

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The final goal for the Spanish Football Club Academy is to turn accessible to the young football players from any place of the world the path to be a professional football player in Spain.

Because this, we are very proud to announce our first Russian player in the academy; Sergey Shutov.

Sergey is a wing midfielder player can develop his game in both wings; right and left. His dribbling skills and his stamina was a very good start point to develops all his potential to achieve the professional football career.

In SPF Academy we designed a bespoke program to Sergey to maximize his options to arrive at the semiprofessional tier.

Before to arrive SPF Academy Sergey Shutov, attended some trials with several clubs with very short successful and no spot in any club. With SPF Academy, Sergey received the right management to attend the best clubs options for tryouts and the right training management to upgrade his level into the Spanish one particularly applying the Spanish methodology.

SPF Academy did a deep searching for a club where Sergey can have a relevant position and where he can play enough matches over the year to win experience in the Spanish league and could upgrade his football into the Spanish football way of play.

Sergey is playing in First Preferente division, the first tier for the amateur level in the Spanish football enrolled into the Massanasa Football Club. The goal is to record a big number of games over the season, more than 50 games yearly counting football league games and friendly games with SPF Academy.

Besides the regular training with Massanasa FC, Sergey develops a specific morning training with SPF Academy players to enforces his game-intensity and tactical skills for a deeper understanding of the Spanish football game style.

This is the first Spanish football experience for Sergey with a very great performance progression in any aspect of the game. It is sure he will upgrade the tier in the next season following coaches opinion.

If you are interested in our professional player development program don’t hesitate and reach us at and we will design your bespoke program.