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Discovering our coaches: Arturo Vera, goalkeeper coach

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Discovering our coaches: Arturo Vera, goalkeeper coach

Arturo Vega

The goal is a very specific position in the field. Out the other ten players, the goalkeeper develops a different athletic, technical and tactical work in the game. Developing a right work in this position is critical for the whole team and an specific work makes the difference in the future careers for players.

Because this in Spanish Pro Football Academy we have specific coaches for goalkeepers. One of those is Arturo Vera, a goalkeeper coach from Valencia.

Arturo has a large experience in football academies coordinating goalkeeper coaching in different ages groups from under 8 years old to semi professional teams. This experience bring Arturo a deep perspective for the integrate formation of the young football goalkeepers.

The training session designed by Arturo Vera for our football goalkeepers are bespoke for each age group and integrates the athletic and technical formation in sessions of forty minutes.

In these sessions the goalkeepers develops the training in a separated group from the field players, in groups of two or three goalkeepers developing an specific workout for them.

In this session the goalkeeper learns different aspects of his play like, short reactions, feet skills, airplay, etc … in very intensive short series.

After this training the goalkeepers develops an integrated session with the field players to assimilate the specific skills into the game.

This session structure is large apply by all the professional Spanish football teams, and it have been apply by Arturo over all his career in all the academies.

If you are interested to develop an specific goalkeeper training stage with our goalkeeper coaches, don’t hesitate to contact us at We will be happy to attend you and bring you our bespoke training program for coaches in our academy in Valencia, Spain.