Europe opportunities for Aussies Football players

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SPF and REPT Academy close and agreement to exploit the aussies soccer talent

Europe opportunities for Aussies Football players
In the last years the football in Australia is rising so fast, the last fifteen had place the country in the TOP of the Asian Federation ranking and delivering players to the greatest leagues in the world, included the Spaniard La Liga with notorious players like Mathew Ryan (Valencia CF) or Mitchell Langerak (Levante UD).

This soccer explosion is bringing to Australia a great number of young talents form twelve to twenty three years old needing an overseas formation to develop all their athletic potential.

The Australian corporation REPT Academy, based in Melbourne, recently closes a partnership agreement with Spanish Pro Football Academy to bring the young aussies talents the opportunity to improve their football skills in Spain with different training and formation programs.

The first Australian players had his first Spanish soccer experience this December, with a short term stage in the headquarters of Spanish Pro Football Academy in Valencia, Spain.

The lucky REPT Academy players are attending the short term stage are; Jake and Youssef goalkeepers, Taki, right and left back and Rise, a full forward. All these players are between sixteen to nineteen and will develop their short term program with specific and intensive training in the morning and as a guest player with first level Spanish teams in the evening.

The short term program is a bespoke soccer and formation program for players above 14 years old combining intensive training sessions, Spanish team guesting training and academic formation. The players can choice the different duration of it from three weeks to 3 months and not being restrictive for any position.

In the next future the partnership between REPT Academy and Spanish Pro Football Academy is expecting to launch more expeditions from Australia to Spanish in short and long term stages.