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The Spanish Pro Football Academy bring to their summer camp participants a full booked residence where will share training and summer activities, like beach day and cultural experiences.

SPF Academy vs Levante UD Friendly Match

Looking back SPF Academy 2018 year events

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Past 2018 was a big year for SPF Academy, we made very good new friends and some of our old friends made us proud of them starting their professional career in clubs worldwide. The past year was the first for …

SPF Academy vs Levante UD Friendly Match

The partnership between SPF Academy and UD Levante is running

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The players of Spanish Pro Football Academy are enjoying the partnership agreement between SPF Academy and UD Levante over all the work lines including in the deal to form professional football players under the Spanish methodology style of play. Past …

Tae Hun Gyeongnam FC

Korean SPF´s former player, Kim Taehum , joins for Ecija Balompié in the semi-professional league Tercera

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The highiest satisfaction for the SPF staff is see its players achieving their professional football goals. The career of the Korean player Kim Taehum is one of those From the early beginning Kim showed a great discipline and engage with …

Adrianno Pizzo: From Training at the SPF to The Start of His Professional Football Career

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Spanish Pro Football Academy has one goal: helping worldwide players achieving their goal of establishing a professional soccer career. SPF does this by helping the players improve their soccer skills and mental ability at the SPF.   With his need, …

Seven Days Spanish Football Experience in Valencia and Madrid with; Regional Sports

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The Abu Dhabi Football Academy develop a complete program in Madrid and Valencia for his U11 and U13 team The partnership between Spanish Pro Football Academy and the Arab Emirate´s football academy Regional Sports complete another mile in their relationship …

The Spanish soccer experience of; Prostars Soccer Toronto

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Eight days stage in the roots of European soccer trough SPF by ProStars Soccer Academy Spring break is a great moment to enjoy the family, friends or to dedicate time to your hobbies. Our friends of Prostars Soccer from Toronto …

Summer is coming, it's soccer camp time

Summer is coming, it’s Soccer Camp Time

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Spanish Pro Football Academy opens the admission list for his summer camp Spring is officially here, only three months to welcome the summer and the main clubs are planning their own summer camps. In SPF we are not avoiding it, and …

Discovering our coaches: David Sanz, the difference is in the experience

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Our coach David Sanz achieves more than fifteen years of experience in ten different countries. With years of experience in more than ten different countries, David Sanz brings a deep understanding about countries particularities to understand football. David started his …