Do you want to improve your football level during your summer holidays?

22th June to 05th July, 2020 || 29th June to 12th July, 2020

 Show your true level of play with the help of professional coaches that, like SPF, work within high performance environments.

Players born from 2005 to 2007


In this first part there will be some high  performance training sessions to form the players that will go to the VCF Camp. 

A good player, is good on his own, is good in his  team, is good in his position and is good backing up
anywhere else in the field.

uefa pro license

In our company we believe that for a good education and training of players it is essential to have a first class technical  team. Our coaches and physical trainers all have extensive experience in Spanish teams and have the UEFA Pro License.

A high performance combination: SPF Camp + VCF Camp


VCF 2020 Campus, aimed at boys and girls from 6 to 16 years  old, is held in the Sports City of Valencia CF (Paterna).

The professionals of the Campus, coaches of the Academia Valencia CF and monitors of leisure and free time, carry out their work around three areas: the teaching of the sport-soccer, the extradeportiva
education and the coexistence and personal maturation with the football as means.

Sport-soccer with Valencianist stamp. Education transmitting values. Coexistence between 400 participants with training sessions and 8-a-side and 11-a-side football matches, Mestalla Forever Tour, multisport activities, educational talks, sports videos, cinema, swimming pool, leisure area and gifts. Each of the participants receives as gifts: 2 VCF equipment (T-shirt, shorts and socks), an official Campus gymsack, an official Campus cap and a personalised diploma.

Unique methodology

SPF wants to create intelligent players who know how to better read the game, predict and anticipate future game situations and needs.

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