SPAIN RUSH-SPF has a high-quality soccer field in one of the newest neighborhoods of Valencia. The residence is located just a 2-minute walk from the training ground.

We have physiotherapists who accompany the players in all trainings and matches to protect them from possible injuries.

Our drivers take the players to the clubs on weekdays so they arrive on time and don't miss any training. We have our own fleet of cars. This way, the players of SPAIN RUSH-ACADEMY don't have to worry about anything but playing soccer.


SPAIN RUSH-SPFaccommodation

Residence located in Valencian outskirts, with all the facilities you could need.

  • Full board: Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Menus prepared by the staff, following the Mediterranean diet and providing a healthy and balanced diet. The weekly menus give the resident the possibility to choose between several options. Personalized diets (Halal and Vegan option)..
  • Cleaning, room service and laundry service.
  • Staff on duty 24 hours a day.
  • Active weekends: Cultural visits, sports and leisure outings are organised. They also have a soccer club, Athletics, Running, Hiking and MTB.
  • Sport Centre: 60,000 m² dedicated to sport.
  • Gym, swimmingpool & Garden areas with leisure and entertainment areas for students.
  • Dining rooms with access to terraces and gardens.
  • Leisure room, television, game centre...
  • Study room.
  • Events room: for conferences, celebrations, sports stages, etc.