SPF Academy log


  • SPAIN RUSH-SPF has its own International High-Performance Soccer Academy based in Valencia (Spain)

    What is SPF, what do we offer? It is a program designed for young football players, who would like to become professionals. The program creates individual routines depending on the player’s needs, as an athlete and as a person.

    SPF gives them the opportunity to fulfil their dream of being professional, which can also be seen by several collaborators Football Clubs represented in the best divisions of the Spanish League. There are players playing in the 3rd Professional Division, the U19 1st Division (“Honour Division”) and in the U19 2nd Division (“National League”). Our best players are also able to play against teams such as Valencia CF, Villarreal CF, Levante UD or Atlético de Madrid.

    Our program offers daily specialized practice sessions with the SPF Academy, which are held in our own high-quality facilities. Those practices consist of gym sessions, to work on strength and conditions, afternoon sessions with the Spanish Clubs and weekly friendly matches, to see improvements.

  • We work hard on improving the individual technique, physical ability, coordination and psychomotricity, but also highly focusing on the proprioception to avoid future injuries.

    Our UEFA qualified coaches who are also experiences in the professional level guarantee high quality practices with great outcomes.

    Additionally, we guarantee the opportunity to train with top teams in the best Divisions and Leagues (over 18 years players). This enables the players to be confronted by professional competition and the Leagues from the beginning, which allows them to improve as a player and gain experience, because it is very important to know how to get involved in the field and how to stand out to Clubs and Scouts.

    Lastly, we offer annual programs or short-term intensive programs.



Spanish Pro Football, has its own International High Performance Soccer Academy in Valencia (Spain)SPF Academy”.

We design programs for young players with individual coaching plan. Each player has his own program adapted to his needs, as a player and as a person. SPF program give them the opportunity to become professionals. We have several collaborator Football Clubs in the best categories of the Spanish League. We have players in the 3rd Professional Division, in the 1st Division U19 called “Honour Division”, in 2nd Division U19 called “National League”… Where our best players play against teams as Valencia CF, Villarreal CF, Levante UD or Atlético de Madrid.

Our program has daily specific trainings with SPF Academy in our own high quality facilities, afternoon trainings with Spanish Clubs, and weekly friendly matches. We also have gym sessions to work the upper train and force. Our coaches come from profesional teams and are qualified by UEFA.

We work to improve individual technique, physical ability, coordination and psychomotricity. In addition we work the proprioception to avoid future injuries. We guarantee the opportunity of train with the best teams on the best divisions, and play on League (over 18 years players) in a football team. This way the players are always in contact with the professional competition and the Leagues. This allows them to improve as a player and gain experience, very important to know how to get involved in the field and stand out to Clubs and Scouts. We have annual programs or short-term intensive programs.

“We guarantee that all players sign for Spanish Team to train and play on League during the whole season, one of the strongest and most competitive Leagues in the world.”



4 sessions of 1:45h each during the week. 3 on the football field with ball and 1 in the gym.


The program starts between July 15th to September 1st and ends between May 30th and June 30th.


A good player, is good on his own, is good in his team, is good in his position and is good backing up anywhere else in the field.


Professional coaches all qualified by UEFA who have a long experience in the world of professional football. Facilities fully equipped with artificial grass and all services included.

Our core values


SPAIN RUSH-SPF work with high intensity and quality practices during the 1h 45min 3 times a week on the field, to improve their individual technique and skills. Each player will be strictly analyzed, so we are able to offer them the practice and exercises they need to improve their “weaknesses”.

The remaining sessions are used to focus on the group work and tactic improvements, where players will learn how to read and understand the needs of the game and to anticipate their best position. Those sessions will also focus on Individual tactics, with teaching the importance of the correct positioning on the field and the defensive and offensive tactics.


"The ball as protagonist", which is passed on the game’s reality. Everything that is taught and practiced will be with a ball and in match like situations, with the matchday routine (warm-up with physical ability and psychomotor skills). The best training methods is “learning by doing”, therefore training with the competitive feeling and testing the skills when the pressure of the opponent is high. This psychological tactic will enable the player to understand the game and move accordingly. All those skills are mainly learned through the amount of experience, and this is why SPAIN RUSH-SPF players not only train and play, but also compete on a weekly basis. 


Our physiotherapists and fitness trainers work with our players at least once a week, to focus on the “Proprioception”. This practice is specifically for the joints (muscles, tendons and ligaments) and training the brain to do the correct and save movements. When the player does an exercise, there are constantly information sent to the brain about the position it is in, in combination with the correct execution and being precise in the movement. The ligaments offer resistance to anomalous movement and provide neurological feedback, where they “inform us” about the position of the joint and create a response of protection from excessive tension, to avoid possible injury.


Each player has an individual routine, yet there is a base for every single one of them. They combine 3 SPF practice sessions in addition to the SPAIN RUSH-SPF friendly matches against Spanish teams and the integration into Spanish teams (training routine and league games, +18). The number of Spanish team practices depends on the team they are in, but in general about 3 to 5 times per week, which sums us to about 14-18 hours of football a week, which guarantees the individual progress of the players.

Additionally, each student has their own school schedule included in their football schedule. This schedule consists of a 10-12 hour language program, divided into 2 whole mornings and 2 afternoons. The players are also required to go to school/high school every morning, therefore on Monday, Wednesday and Friday after their SPF practices, and every afternoon before their Spanish team practices.

About our sessions.

sessions content

01Fitness abilities (Stamina, balance, strength, coordination, speed and agility)

02Individual technique (Driving, dribbling, controlling, passing, shooting, week foot, heading...)

03Individual tactics (Movements within the collective lines, anticipation, coverage, swaps, creating passing line, decision making, spatial perception, body  positioning...)

04Collective tactic (Building the game from the back, playing wide, inside superiority, crosses and finishes, high pressing, different types of attacking, different types of pressing)

Immersion in Spanish football


Depending on the analysis outcome, the players are able to try out for Spanish teams, corresponding to their skill level and their age. Yet we do guarantee each player to be part of a Spanish team, due to agreements with those teams, which state, that they take players from SPF Academy.

The coaches assign a Spanish team for the player to represent, train and play with in the League, for the entire season (18 years and older – FIFA regulation). SPF is also responsible for the football license, and all that is required to get registered.


“We are the unique academy that already offers the total inclusion of players in the Spanish Football.”