Welcome to our Q&A page, where we immerse into the dynamic world of our football ! Here, you’ll find insights into our rigorous training schedules, expert coaching methodologies, and the vibrant academy life that shapes future stars.

1. Do players need a visa to join the Spain Rush-SPF football academy?

-Players planning to stay over three months require a Student Visa to join our football academy.

2. What is the best airport for traveling to the football academy in Spain?

-Valencia is the preferred airport due to the location of our football academy, though we offer pick up services from Madrid or Barcelona for an extra fee.

3. How many days a week does football academy training take place?

-Our players engage in 6 training sessions and one competitive match weekly, totaling over 15 hours of football, including field training and gym sessions with Spain Rush-SPF.

4. Are accommodations separated by gender at the football academy, and what is the gender ratio?

-Female and male players reside in the same resort but in gender-specific rooms. The majority of residents are male, with female athletes from basketball and tennis teams also accommodated.

5. What is the coach to player ratio at the football academy, and are the coaches UEFA and/or FIFA licensed?

-Morning sessions feature small groups (8-10 players per coach) led by UEFA Pro licensed coaches from professional clubs like Valencia CF and Levante UD.

6. Where can parents stay while their child attends the football academy program?

-The Ad Hoc Parque Betera hotel, located a minute’s walk from the resort, provides convenient accommodation for visiting parents.

7. How are fees and payments handled at the football academy, including deposits?

-Full upfront payment is required for short-term programs, while long-term programs offer installment plans, to be completed before the season ends.

8. What security measures are in place at the football academy, and is the surrounding area safe?

-The resort ensures safety with a 24-hour English-speaking reception, camera surveillance, and daily presence of a Spain Rush-SPF representative.

9. What qualifications do the medical staff have at the football academy, and what access is there to hospitals and physical therapy?

-A physiotherapist is available during all Spain Rush sessions. Long-term program participants receive private medical insurance, excluding dental, while short-term participants need their own travel insurance.

10. Are there scholarships available at the football academy, and what are the details?

-All players pay the same fee, with internal discussions available for financially support.

11. What does the football academy program entail?

-The football academy program includes a structured weekly schedule with gym sessions, football training, Spanish courses, and School time. Also Training and matches with Spanish clubs are also integral parts of the program. We schedule leisure activities for Saturdays and designate Sundays for rest.

12. Does each player at the football academy receive ongoing evaluation reviews, and if so, how often and in what format?

-Yes, each player at the football academy receives ongoing evaluation reviews. These are conducted regularly to monitor progress and development.

13. Do we use video analysis in training and education in our football academy, and what other types of technology do we employ?

-We record all matches with Veo technology and perform post game analyses we also use the 360Player app to support comprehensive player development.

14. Can you share success stories of alumni who have progressed professionally after attending the football academy?

-Yes we have a list of successful players playing professionally today.

15. Are there customized training programs available for different positions and skill levels?

-Yes, Our Training Camp Service offers customized training programs tailored to various clubs, Academies in every skill level, blending intensive football training daily sessions with Spanish UEFA coaches, Training with first division clubs like Valencia C.F. or Levante U.D. and also friendly matches with Spanish clubs are included, along with fun city tours and sports and leisure activities.