International Tournament U15 Ciudad de La Vall d'Uixó – Gps Spain

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Consolidating itself as a date in the national football scene, the city of Vall de Uxó is preparing to receive the best U-15 teams of the national and international panorama. In this edition, SPF has organized the trip for the …

Firza Andika at SPF traning fields

Indonesia national team player, Firza Andika joins SPF Academy

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The Indonesian player Firza Andika recently join into the SPF Academy family to move one step forward in his professional career. Firza is a full left side player, heading offensive left wing and midfielder or a defensive left back position, …

Thomas Elgawly

UD Alzira enforce their squad with the SPF Academy player Thomas Elgawly

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After a year enrolled in Spanish Pro Football Academy, the Egyptian player Thomas Elgawly received an offer for the Spanish semiprofessional team Alzira FC. The team is competing in Tercera Division, region Comunidad Valenciana, one of the hardest regions for …

Bringing Japanese football knowledge to the Spanish Pro Football Academy

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Looking to better the services they offer to their Japanese football players, SPF Academy has hired Mahiro Hasegawa to join their coaching staff. Now living in Valencia, the Japanese coach moved from Yokosuka, JP for a two-year developmental coaches’ program. …

Adrianno Pizzo: From Training at the SPF to The Start of His Professional Football Career

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Spanish Pro Football Academy has one goal: helping worldwide players achieving their goal of establishing a professional soccer career. SPF does this by helping the players improve their soccer skills and mental ability at the SPF.   With his need, …

From Caribbean to Spain, following a football professional career

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Three players from Guadalupe Island complete a season in Spain with Spanish Pro Football Academy. Gabriel, Ludo and Laurent came from Guadalupe to Spain at the beginning of Spanish football season with the goal to improve his football level in …

Korean Football players in Spain, the SPF season experience

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One of the goals of Spanish Pro Football Academy is doing affordable the access to the professional football career to any player worldwide, no matter where is he or she from. This year fourteen Korean football players trained with Spanish …

Seven Days Spanish Football Experience in Valencia and Madrid with; Regional Sports

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The Abu Dhabi Football Academy develop a complete program in Madrid and Valencia for his U11 and U13 team The partnership between Spanish Pro Football Academy and the Arab Emirate´s football academy Regional Sports complete another mile in their relationship …

arturo vega - spf coaches

Discovering our coaches: Arturo Vera, goalkeeper coach

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The goal is a very specific position in the field. Out the other ten players, the goalkeeper develops a different athletic, technical and tactical work in the game. Developing a right work in this position is critical for the whole team …