Laurent fight a ball with Olimpic

Olimpic Xátiva joins the SPF´s players, Laurent & Ben, for its new project in Spanish 3rd Division.

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Olimpic Xativa is one of the most iconic teams in the East of Spain, with 86 years of history in the minor leagues of Spain, some relevant professional football players started their career in this club.

Laurent and Ben have joined to this exclusive selection of players for season 2018-2019 through the application into the tryout players program of Spanish Pro Football Academy past Summer 2018.

The tryout players program is a focused to players interested to start their professional football career in Spain, helping the access to team´s trials in semiprofessional divisions in Spain to be scouted by superior teams in long periods.

This point is critical for the professional teams looking for the excellence of the players over all the season.

This is the second year for Laurent it Spanish Pro Football Academy and the first for Ben.

Ben with the uniform of SPF Academy

Laurent is a strong left wing and left midfielder player original from the Caribbean Island of Guadalupe. Ben is a very complimentary player for Laurent, born and rises in New York, USA, this is the first year for Ben at Spanish Pro Football Academy.

Tercera division is the first step into the semi-professional divisions in Spain and the main scouting market for the Spanish professional teams. Many of these Tercera teams plays the Royal Cup (Copa del Rey) were sometimes are drafted to play against very recognized teams like Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Valencia CF, Atlético de Madrid, etc …

Laurent and Ben will be combining the pieces of training with Olimpic Xátiva at the afternoons with the training with SPF academy at the morning with the goal to improve their football level and have the best options to be scouted in the season matches.

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