UEFA Champions League meets international Football Academy: Spain Rush-SPF

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With the UEFA Champions League taking place, captivating fans around the world, Spain Rush-SPF stands as a reference point for those dedicated players hoping in participating at such elite level. Our elite football academy incarnates all the best features for players to reach their ultimate goal. A training experience with us harnesses the mentality and skill in determination from the top performers in the competition. That same passion and exuberance enlivened in the current event is where our players find their inspiration and accord them the drive. Spain Rush-SPF have an attempt to form elite players through our programs, players that make history and have reached a synchronicity with reality.

At Spain Rush-SPF, we deliver the right path to becoming professional footballers as we are an International Football Academy associated with rich footballing culture in Spain. Imagine training at an elite football academy under the sun in Spain where football dreams come to life.

Scouting Football: Finding Your Talent is our Mission

Scouting football talent forms the basis of what defines Spain Rush-SPF. We always go a bit further in our search for individuals who have not only talent but passion for the game. Our global network of specialists in looking for potential stars and giving them the platform required to shine on the international arena of the game. Once you join our fold, your potential is identified and groomed, yourcouts have the knowledge to enable them to spot every facet of what makes a player unique, hence ensuring every aspiring footballer is trained according to individual need. Our professional scouts are your stepping stone to the world of professional football.

Turn your football passion into football stardom with Spain Rush-SPF

Indeed, that is a statement. Football in Spain is something more than a game; it’s a way of life. Tradition and spirit surrounding football in Spain emanate through our unique training and proven methodology. We incept it from the beginning: play like a Pro only with us. You will learn to play passionately, precisely, and power packed in a script like no other in history.


 We build not just footballers but the future of football. We operationalize the commitment to excellence through our Spanish Academy Football , until we rank as one of the leading international football academies. When you are ready to comfortably walk into a life of football in Spain, stick with Spain Rush-SPF.