Experience the Thrill of Summer 2024: In Spain’s Premier Soccer Tournaments

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Welcome to a summer season of passion, ability, and the world´s favorite sport! At Spain Rush-SPF, we are not just about soccer; we are about crafting reminiscences, honing skills, and immersing you inside the heart of Spanish soccer way of life. This summer season, be a part of us for an exceptional Spanish soccer tournament as we take you thru Spain’s most prestigious soccer tournaments.

1. Asturias International Cup – A Gateway to Spanish Football Excellence
Dates: June 16th – 24th, 2024
Location: Madrid & Asturias
Categories: From U10 to U19

Embark on a soccer adventure in the colorful towns of Madrid and Asturias. The Asturias International Cup isn’t just a tournament; it’s a celebration of Soccer passion. With categories starting from U10 to U19, this match guarantees a strong opposition and a risk to witness the future stars of soccer. Your days will consists of full board lodging, sightseeing in Madrid, training with Atlético de Madrid, pleasant matches, and the enjoying Bernabéu Stadium tour.

2. Costa del Sol International Cup – Where Sun Meets Soccer
Dates: June 23rd – July 1st, 2024
Location: Madrid & Málaga
Categories: From U10 to U19

Experience soccer under the sunlit skies of Costa del Sol. This tournament offers a blend of competitive soccer and scenic splendor. From training sessions with Atlético de Madrid to exploring the attractions of Madrid and Málaga, your soccer journey is packed with fun and discovery.


3. Costa Girona Cup – The Heartbeat of Catalan Soccer
Dates: June 24th – July 1st, 2024
Location: Barcelona & Costa Girona
Categories: Multiple classes, consisting of a female division

Dive into the Catalan soccer spirit with the Costa Girona Cup. This tournament isn’t always pretty much prevailing; it’s about celebrating soccer in its purest form. Enjoy a complete board accommodation, education sessions, pleasant suits, and a unique chance to discover the architectural marvels of Barcelona.

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Four. Donosti Cup – A Blend of Culture and Soccer
Dates: June 28th – July 8th, 2024
Location: Madrid & Donosti
Categories: Wide range for both ladies and men

The Donosti Cup stands as a symbol of harmony and competition. With categories, males and females, it promises a soccer celebration like no other. This soccer extravaganza includes sightseeing, training with second and third division Spanish soccer clubs, and a deep immersion into Spanish culture. 

5. Costa Blanca Cup – Where Soccer Dreams are Nurtured
Dates: June 28th – July 7th, 2024
Location: Valencia & Alicante
Categories: Diverse categories for men and women

The Costa Blanca Cup is where skills, diversity, and opposition converge. This event, set towards the backdrop of lovely beaches and vibrant towns, this soccer experience is memorable and profitable. From extensive courses to global matches, your soccer adventure is ready to take an thrilling turn.

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At Spain Rush-SPF, we believe in developing soccer experiences that go past the soccer field. Our summer time soccer camps are meticulously designed to provide an immersive Spanish soccer experience. From elite soccer training periods with top Spanish clubs to cultural explorations and global tournaments, your summer season with us is meant to be unforgettable. Join us this summer season and be a part of Spain’s soccer culture. Your  professional soccer career begins right here.