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Are you looking for an opportunity to play soccer abroad? Especially in Europe, where the best-paying contracts are made. Whether you are in your gap year or looking for a long-term soccer training program or a  soccer summer camp.

We are here to help you find the best options available. This is where the full board academy comes into play, we are talking about an Elite Soccer Academy.


Most famous players like Ronaldo and Messi went to a soccer academy at a young age. This is crucial when it comes to getting a head start on the others. But you may be wondering, how is this going to be possible for my child? Well, let me explain how it works.

An elite soccer academy is characterized by its methodology, its personnel, and most importantly, its results. When talking about methodology, it is important to mention experience, because it is only through experience that success is achieved. Only with years of experience can the best be brought out of each player.

The staff responsible for coaching in an elite soccer academy should all be UEAFA certified. This is the highest form of coaching certification in Europe. Simple research into the coaches’ previous experience and the teams they have worked with before, can tell you a lot about them. A well-established soccer academy should have only the best and most well-connected coaches on their staff.

Another important factor about the staff, is that they should be able to provide an integral service, not only in representing the player, but also in handling all paperwork such as visas, player licenses, school registration, credential recognition, health insurance, etc. The staff should also be able to assist 24/7 and provide a safe and friendly environment.

The best international soccer academy should have a fleet of vehicles to transport players to training, school, and home, as well as recreational sports activities such as attending matches and visiting stadiums. A sports complex is ideal because it offers everything a player needs: Gym, soccer fields, classes and also personalized food for all diets.


Europe has a deeper soccer culture than the United States, within the European Union we highlight Spain and its world famous league, “LaLiga” with teams like Real Madrid CF, Valencia CF, Barcelona FC… … Just to name a few. The moment you arrive in Spain your senses are overwhelmed by soccer, you hear the bars and restaurants with people cheering and chanting when a game is played, you can attend a game of your favorite team.

Valencia is a Mediterranean city, the third largest city in Spain. Especially in this region, there are 3 first division teams and second division teams within 70 km. Soccer is a language and the city hosts the best soccer academies in Europe. As I mentioned earlier, all of these important factors when it comes to finding the best soccer academy should now be a no-brainer. Do your research and find the success stories and the players who are playing there as professionals.

It’s not an easy decision to go abroad and leave your kid there for a whole season. Its important to find the right academy. Spain Rush-SPF positions itself as an elite academy that delivers results, a well-connected academy with the most important teams in the region. Spain Rush-SPF has a program to suit everyone. From 2-week intensives to a 10-month program and even preparation for tryouts or test matches with affiliated Spanish teams. If you need more information about joining an elite soccer academy, send us a message.