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Football is all about the match games. Training sessions are of course also great, but in the matches players really have to show their talent. Good preparation for a match is of great importance to achieve the best possible result. That is why we have 7 tips to prepare as well as possible for a football match.

1. A good night sleep: A professional football player needs a rested body to perform at its best. For example, it is wise to go to bed on time the day before a football match. Many players are worried and stressed, which often leads to sleep deprivation. If this is the case, it is smart to go to bed a little earlier than usual.

2. Prepare sports gear: Many football players pack clothes for the game at the last minute. If a footballer prepares this the night before, it can prevent stress and all focus can be on the match.

3. Take your time: It is also useful to wake up on time for a match, this prevents rushing. At international pro football academy Spainrush-SPF, we always get together on time for a match so that there is no need to race to arrive at a match on time.

4. Eat well: The body gets its energy from sugars. A carbohydrate-rich dish helps the body to perform at its best. Carbohydrates are converted into sugars. For example, it is very good to eat a large plate of pasta the night before a match. It is also smart to eat a lot of carbohydrates the morning before the competition, this must be done a few hours before the competition to prevent cramps. Spainrush-SPF is a professional football academy in Spain where they offer 3 meals a day to the football players that are optimal for the body.

5. Drink water: It is wise to drink a lot of water the day of the competition to avoid becoming dehydrated. This can result in muscle injuries. However, it is not good to drink a lot just before the match starts because this can make you feel bad while playing football.

6. Music: Many top athletes use a motivational music list just before the competition. This gives a player positive energy and is mentally already 1-0 ahead.

7. Avoid negative distractions: Finally, it is important to stay away from negative distractions, especially in the last hours before the game. This way all focus remains on the match and the player will perform the best. The tips are also taught to the players of Spainrush-SPF and that is why we belong to one of the best football academies.