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It is often thought that football at a high level and school cannot be combined. At Spainrush-SPF we think very differently about this. In this blog we will explain how it is possible to combine high performance football and school.

Of course it is not easy to combine professional football with a busy school program. To achieve this, a professional football player must have the right mentality and discipline. At professional football academy in Spain, Spainrush-SPF, we look together with the player to determine the correct school program to follow. Today, combining school and football is a lot easier than it was a few years ago. The technology of for example, online lessons and training courses has improved so much in recent years that this offers opportunities. As a professional football player that you can follow online lessons or training sessions which can save a long travel time, leaving more time to play football.

In addition to the online lessons and training sessions, it is also important to discuss the current situation with the chosen school. Not all schools are open to offering an adapted school program to a student who practices a top sport. Fortunately, there are also plenty of schools that do want to take top sport into account. Spainrush-SPF offers several options when choosing a school. You can choose from various international schools such as: British private High-school, American private High-school or Spanish University college. Besides choosing a school, Spainrush-SPF also organizes Spanish lessons to educate the children well. The importance of a good education distinguishes Spainrush-SPF from other international football academies.

It is very important for a football player who also wants to achieve good results at school to have good communication with parents, school and the football club. Together they can, for example, make a good weekly planning so that it can be seen exactly what needs to be completed each week. If a football player does not make a plan, he or she may fall behind a lot.

Transport is also important when combining football and school. Spainrush-SPF supports the transport of all football players within the international pro football academy. This ensures that all players will arrive at training and school on time. This takes a lot of worry away from the players because they know exactly what is expected of them. Spainrush-SPF therefore aims to train footballers to become professionals in combination with a school career.