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Samuel is a talented young football player born in Colombia. Samuel is a member of the international pro football academy SPF-Colombia. They has the same goal as Spainrush-SPF, to train young football players to become professionals.

To achieve this goal, both academies organize daily training sessions and many different football matches at the right levels. 14-year-old Samuel is well on his way to becoming a professional football player, and he trains very hard for this. This is how Samuel’s hard work and the right mindset have been rewarded, because he has been named the best football player in SPF-Colombia.

Two weeks in Spain Rush-SPF  football academy.

Every other year, the trainers and coaches of SPF-Colombia decide who is the player of the year. The best player of the year is invited to spend two weeks at Spainrush-SPF, one of the best professional football academy in Spain. Samuel gets to enjoy the Spanish football that Spainrush-SPF offers for two weeks.

Spainrush-SPF offers various matches against Spanish football clubs and there will be multiple training sessions at the great complex. Samuel is also fully provided with his accommodation and transport, private drivers from Spainrush-SPF are always ready to take Samuel and the other players to training and matches.

Player of the year from SPF-Colombia.

The great collaboration between Spainrush-SPF and SPF-Colombia ensures that players from the international football academies can be presented with great opportunities like the story of Samuel. In the future, the best football player will be awarded more often, this will lead to a driven group of young talented football players.

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Spainrush-SPF always wants the best for all players, and give everyone the same oppertunity to become a pro football player. With all skills and experience we have, we can provide the best training for the academy. Spainrush is trying as hard as possible to grow more in the future and help young football players to follow their dream to become a pro.