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Soccer tryouts or trials are basically made of different demonstrations in matches or training sessions for a player to be seen and evaluated to see their capabilities to join a professional soccer club. Several training days and matches are organized and held with a watchful eye of scouts and couches from different Spanish soccer clubs and divisions. Creating an opportunity to be evaluated and to contrast reliable information about the level required by Spanish soccer clubs. The probabilities for young players to sign a professional contract with a Spanish soccer club will depend on the level of each player.


Spain Rush-SPF specializes in generating more soccer opportunities for players from around the world who has the level to be an athlete in Spain and play professional soccer… with this in mind we have developed soccer trials and events that will increase the chances to play with a professional soccer team by being scouted by the main teams of the region.


We recommend a full commitment in participating in our soccer program to train yourself into pro strategies, game models, psychological and physical strength.  Our elite soccer academy prepares personalized programs aimed in the development of every stage, training each day with the best UEFA coaches.


Moreover its important to have in mind the three aspects of the trial process, technical ability, physical strength, and psychological aspects. Depending on how the player adapts he or she will be more motivated.  In an evaluated process by creating a unique data base of each profile, this process is done by the UEFA coache’s experience, assisted by technology such as recorded matches and video analysis tools in platforms such as 360player that will considerably improve performance using statistics and tracking information, helping the coaches process and analyze different plays, strategies with algorithms in a more efficient and error free process.

Spain Rush-SPF and the most influential soccer academies and European soccer clubs such as Valencia C.F, Oxford City Football Club, Athletic Club Bilbao to name a few use this platform. It is clear the way scouts and coaches work are being changed by technology, making this process faster and more efficient than previous decades, maybe algorithms and artificial intelligence will never overcome an expert eye, but it will become another support for the organization. Spain Rush-SPF bets on technology and will continue to prepare young players for soccer trials in Europe. Making our success stories list bigger each season.