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In SPAIN RUSH-SPF we believe in understanding in the individual process of improvement and skills making it fundamental for the professional growth of a player. As a high-performance soccer academy, our methodology pushes different situations and sequences to prepare each player to face every situation possible in the field.

With a comprehensive program that aims to maximize the sporting skills of every player, training in all the variables, with a technical and tactical comprehension, as well as physical and psychological abilities.

To develop these skills, we have a method structured in various methodologies, broken down into weekly trainings sessions, physical preparation, psychological, nutrition and competition.

Weekly soccer training sessions:

This soccer training methodology consist of intense trainings during the week, in the mornings and afternoons, where the content is progressively increased in intervals, the main objective for the players is to experience the routine and preparation for the matches, making this process a very important part of the preparation of these soccer players. The aim is to improve in a line of time, hand in hand with the best UEFA coaches available that create a mental and physical routine for them.

Physical Soccer Preparation:

determinant component for the career of any soccer player, this is why Spain Rush-SPF Soccer academy helps these aspiring professional soccer players to reach their optimal physical level, in an evolutionary process that pushes the work capacity of each individual player and the load they can assimilate. Our methodology includes these fundamental objectives.

  1. Improvement; of their physical capacities like strength, coordination and agility.
  2. Prevention of injuries; Professional staff on site such as our physiotherapist and professional coaches prepared on maintaining a safe environment for all the team.

Psychological preparation:

We believe one of the most important skills due to how it impacts the sport performance and the individual growth is the psychological aspects of sports and the competitive attitude. We believe in working not only the physical aspect but also the emotional, factors such as self-control, self-confidence, motivation, stress, anxiety etc., working on these factors will help each player reach its maximum mental development, specially in younger players.

Sporting Nutrition:

When we say nutrition obviously, we are talking about a well balanced diet for an athlete and their intense burning of calories, In Spain Rush-SPF we have players from different parts of the world with different eating habits and ingredients that our kitchen adapts to it. A complete nutritional study is made previously to preparing a menu, following all the personalized guidelines and restrictions according to their needs and their sporting performance. Constantly being reviewed.

Soccer Competitions:

Competition is the fuel that moves an athlete, it brings out the best in each one of them, therefore we organize weekly matches with local clubs from Spain, second and third division high valued clubs that will bring challenging strategies and will push a competitive drive in every match.

Spain Rush is a High-Performance soccer academy with headquarters in Valencia Spain, a region that lives for soccer and has the perfect weather during the year for soccer training, our programs are adapted to the needs of each player, playing with local clubs, you will have the opportunity to do soccer trials for Spanish clubs.