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All over the world many children and young adults watch their favorite soccer players and live every match with passion, they have a role model to follow and want to become professional soccer players just like them. However, in a match we can only see a tiny portion of what the life of these player really is… their everyday life, training, and routine. The only way to understand it and prepare for this type of life is living like them and this is difficult to replicate just in any place.


Therefore, high-performance soccer academies exist, with all year round or short-term programs, full board accommodations and transportation, including the  physical and mental preparation with a real professional program, in these camps the players will think, eat and train like a professional soccer player.

These high-performance soccer academies work on three important areas, physical, technical and tactical… The physical training consists of drills such as sprinting, very helpful when players compete, increasing their competitive spirit between them. The technical side, works on the players relationship with the ball, gradually developing muscle memory in order to develop a second nature behavior on the player, these exercises include touch passing, short passing, long passing, dribbling etc.… Finally, the tactical training sessions improve the player IQ, the capacity to play with strategies, solve certain situations with and without the ball.


In addition, Playing under pressure is one of the most important traits of a professional player, therefore a high performance soccer academy will have an intensive match programs during the whole week, these matches are organized with local and professional soccer clubs and academies, raising the difficulty of each game, giving them also an opportunity to impress their coaches, club scouts and themselves.


Furthermore in these programs, the players will live during long period of times with other players, they will train, eat and play together, learning the importance of being a team player and work as a unit, getting along with your team and bonding is just as important as joining a club, these camps can be a great experience to help new players have a sense of a daily routine of an athlete.

Its logic that the nutrition play an important role in a player’s life, so much that some professional players can have their own chef working for them, a well-balanced meal, eating regularly at the same time, likewise the right amount of nutrients with balanced meals help them develop properly along side with the intense training they are putting out. High performance soccer academies will consider this important factor and will offer personalized and balanced meals for each player.


A huge part of soccer is making emphasis on the mental strength and also attitude, considering how intense it and be for several days, most certified coaches are prepared on developing strength in a young mind, transforming from being angry into being motivated.

A high-performance soccer academy will help you get immersed in a professional players life, giving you the opportunity to bring the best qualities and attributes on a professional level, Spain Rush-SPF has been preparing and sending players to play professional with contracts with different Spanish clubs since 2016. Making it one of the best soccer academies with high performance programs for player from all over the world. If you have any questions regarding being part of a soccer academy in Spain with real success stories, send us a message!