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The dream of every young player is to go pro in football and become a well-known athlete, it’s clear that it will be a treacherous and competitive road but your chances can dramatically increase if you are in the right place and can be seen by the right people, this can be accomplished by being in one of the top pro football academy that has good reputation and is well connected in the sector.

This is the case of Spain Rush-SPF that has been leading the pro football academy sector since 2016, there are many international football academies across Europe, but only a few prides themselves for having as many success stories on record, like Spain Rush-SPF. Part of the success relies on the efficient methodology to prepare them to the harsh football tryouts, and and thanks to our partners and collaborators in different football clubs, we are able to create a path where the player can be seen by them and get offers to do football tryouts in their teams.

Our alumni history is made up of players that have distinguished themselves among others, with a great sport-oriented attitude, exceeding in every aspect helped by their excellent personal technical attributes. These players are now playing professional football and they come from different nationalities, United States, Ukraine, Israel, Korea, Japan…

Success stories

The key is to identify the points of growth of every player, finding the most suitable for each one of them. Working to enhance their cognitive ability in real matches and training sessions, applying the methodology each day, oriented to maximize the personal autonomy and development, promoting values such as empathy, respect, and fair play.

Spain Rush-SPF has become an international football platform to scout and train the best football players from around the world and the current success stories proves its reputation and situates it in one of the best football academies in Spain, next we will talk about some of the Ex Spain-Rush-SPF players that have gone pro in these last seasons.


Footballer from Spain Rush-SPF

DAVID TAYLOR, Minnesota United FC.

David better known as DJ Taylor, was enrolled in Spain Rush-SPF Valencia for over two years, he completed the pro football player training program and did a few trials with our partners and got an opportunity, this North American player begin his professional football career in Torre Levante FC in Spain, then moved back home to the U.S.A  by joining Minnesota FC for four seasons, then sided with North Carolina FC. He stablished himself as a right back position in 2018 and was named defensive player of the year in 2019. He represented the U.S U18 National team, appearing in two matches and scoring a goal at the Copa Chivas Tournament. He now plays for the Minnesota United FC.

Kim Tae Hun Gyeongnam FC

KIM TAE HUN Gyeongnam F.C.

Kim enrolled in Spain Rush-SPF elite football academy for a period of two years, here he exceeded in every aspect and upgraded his skills, taking every opportunity to play friendly matches against other professional football clubs and like that he was able to be seen by the right collaborators of the academy and was given opportunities to do tryouts… his first hire was by playing in second division B with the Spanish club Ecija C.F,  this event opened the doors for his professional career… he now plays for the first Korean Division Gyeongnam F.C.

Rudra Ved SPF Indian Football Player

RUDRA VED Atletico Saguntino.

Rudra came all the way from India, a central back player with good athletic condition, he enrolled in Spain Rush-SPF academy in our intensive pro football program, he had the opportunity to show his skills playing against teams in U19 division like Le Creu Club Pobla de Farnals FC, Villareal FC, CD Castellón and after only 3 months in the academy he got the chance to try out for Atletico Saguntino and got signed for the team.

Professional football

RIKI SHINOHARA, Sporting Club Requena.

A player that was already a star in the Meiji University, one of the most prestigious in Japan. After finishing his studies, he decided to come to Spain and join Spain Rush-SPF this is where he got noticed by other clubs and eventually did a few football tryouts and was soon signed by Buñol FC, where he participated in ¨La Copa del Rey ¨tournament. After a couple of seasons he signed with Silla FC and then to sporting club Requena . Its clear this player will have a promising career in Spain.How to be a pro footballer?


A young player from Russia that started his career early, he is one of those players that blends naturally with the game, he couldnt separate himself from a ball. He started in Sormovo a prestigious fooball academy in Russia, by the age of twelve he was already competing at the regional level, but his goal was to play professional football, this is when he decided to Join Spain Rush-SPF academy, he came to Spain and soon enough he got noticed and got signed with Rambleta CF. After a few seasons he is now playing with Torrente CF.

One of Spain Rush-SPF objective is to guide and help players secure football player contracts on semi-professional and professional football clubs through our partners and collaborators, we are proud of all the career progress our players attending our elite football academy have made, they have been mentored and nurtured by our staff and by our methodology to fully develop their own potential, aimed to prepared them for rigorous and extreme professional football tryouts in Spain.

We believe that education is as important as football and that is why our professional football training goes alongside a full official bilingual education, this way the student can develop all the technical skills while progressing in all the academic matters. Our programs are created to support the player achieve his sports goals while materializing the main objective of becoming professional football players. We will updte the success stories list with new players currently playing pro.