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Any decision to take regarding our kids are important and is reasonable to take a moment and think about what is best for them specially when it comes to their education and their objectives, sometimes they must be away far away from home either to go to college or attend and academy. But you must ask yourself, is it worth it? Well, when it comes to soccer, we all know it’s the most played sport in the world, but not all the countries are recognized as the leading on having the best soccer academies and clubs than in Spain.

Most of the learning techniques and methodologies about soccer had gone trough a long evolution in this country and is recognized on having a considerable amount of UEFA licensed coaches with a long experience on working with first and second divisions teams.

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High performance soccer academies in Spain.

When attending a high-performance soccer academy in Spain you are up to live an immersive experience, where players will live like a professional soccer player, the facilities, the daily plan schedule are aimed to train elite players on the sport with discipline and dedication. Another important factor is the amount of matches a player is put on, every week, there are friendly matches with clubs and local teams of different levels and ages that will help them improve under pressure, In Spain you will find players with a higher level that will challenge the child constantly.

Elite soccer academies will alternate soccer training with education within the programs that take longer, executing a plan that will keep the player moving forward with their academics while being focused on the training, the best soccer academies in Spain are partnered with recognized international schools were the player can continue to study to be on their way to college and at the same time have the opportunity to learn Spanish, being the top 3 most important languages in the world.

Soccer training in Spain

Elite soccer academies

Elite soccer academies will have staff that speaks different languages such as English, Italian, French… so any player from any country can communicate and feel comfortable in being in another country even if the child doesn’t speak Spanish. Spain is a multicultural place where the player will coexist and share a life with different cultures, learning techniques and different modes of soccer plays and for those that prefer a shorter time, there are other short period plans available, that will go from a week to a month, compared to the 10 month. The following paragraph will talk about the most asked question on the industry.

If my child goes to Spain, will he be a professional footballer in La Liga?

Well, the probabilities multiply when the player attends a soccer academy that is focused on training elite players within well prepared facilities that employs qualified professionals with experience in the field, it is important to be in an academy with a well-organized system and program, elements that will take the player closer to achieving the goal of becoming a professional soccer player. But when it comes to the players future it mainly depends on the players abilities and most importantly the attitude to overcome every aspect of this treacherous journey. There are many factors to take under consideration, the skills of the player, ability, dedication and endurance, while having the ability to learn maintaining a progressive development of the personal style increasing the amount of effort every player puts on while avoiding a serious injury.