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ESCOLES VCF EVENT 2022. Organized by Spain Rush-SPF

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Spain Rush-SPF has consolidated itself as an international performance football academy since 2016, with a clear objective of training and focusing on the development of elite football Players, also specialized in sports management, coordination, and execution of projects for public and private entities of many activities held in sports facilities. As a matter of fact, the football academy is just one of the many services offered, this also includes integral tournaments organization.

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Ciudad Deportiva del VCF sports complex, Home of Valencia C.F.

Spain Rush-SPF is located in Valencia Spain, home of Valencia Football club and the recognized Ciudad Deportiva del VCF sports complex, the training headquarters of the team. With this spectacular enclosure what better place to organize an event! For the last couple of years Escoles VCF Jornadas de Convivencia is held, with more than 300 children from different schools and cities that will dispute a series of encounters, following the philosophy to promote fellowship, fair play, and autonomy but most of all fun! There are no final stages, but all the participants will receive a recognition in form of a medal.

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All this is combined with sport training, motivation, and a great facility to help children get immerse in professional football, betting on the great benefits these sports can bring to our kids, a healthy lifestyle, discipline while they are having fun. This year the event was held on a hot day, remind us of the beginning of summer, but its didn’t stop our players from enjoying such a memorable day, they played with the conviction and professionalism any adult has, these are elite players in the making by the hand of the best football academy in Valencia.

Spanish football academy

Football programs in summer

Spain Rush-SPF will continue to organize these vents in the best facilities available, offering a complete integral service of football management and training with different programs available, adapted to every player with ages starting at 10 years old, with a great advantage of starting young, learning the ethical and technical skills to become better each year. If you want to know more about our programs and how you can be part of this international football academy, write us a message and we will contact you ASAP.

Spanish football academy