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SPAIN RUSH-SPF is an international pro football academy with a multicultural foundation, sharing the same passion with the best football academies in Valencia and in the country, only a few of us have been able to create a solid foundation in the professional football sector, with international programs that import talent from different places of the world. Here in Valencia, we are blessed with great weather all year round, excellent food and many outside leisure activities but the best part is how much professional sports have been in the backbone of every Mediterranean soul, generations after generations have built a nation focused not only on professional football, but also in other sports such as tennis. The best of the best come from this region and what better place to unite all of them aspiring athletes than to participate in a tournament.

The best Spanish football academies in Valencia.

In this tournament called VIF league, international football academies participate within each other, proving themselves against one another, the amount of talent, dedication and commitment are very high, the competitive spirit of every football academy, showing their skills to all the loyal fans and their coaches that have been supporting their team all year long. Tomorrow the last game will be played between Spain Rush-SPF and Levante UD Global Football Total in Silla, sports complex. We will be updating the stats and will have the complete game uploaded in Youtube and our 360player platform.

How to join a football academy?

How to join a football academy in Spain?

  • If you wish to join a professional football academy in Spain you will need to make the first contact, by submitting the complete form with all your information.
  • Once we received the form, an agent will review your case and will work on the legal issues and requirements depending on each country.
  • We will notify the player regarding the decision.
  • Once a decision has been made and all the paperwork is ready, you will fly to Spain as soon as possible to be accommodated and ready to start training!

So we want to recognize all the work all these teams have put on the field, sadly we have reached but we take with us many memories and experience! thanks to all the Football academies in Valencia and to VIF league for being part of the beggining of something great !