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When we talk about discovering football potential, we can think of a lot of places where we can guarantee on finding it, that is why our professional football academy has over twenty nationalities and ages. Asia, Middle east, Latin America, Africa as part of Spain Rush-SPF diverse program, all sharing unique types of play and techniques within them by the hand of professional UEFA coaches.

For instance, we will talk about the huge potential Africa has with extremely talented players on their prime, most of them will have to overcome many barriers and only a few get an opportunity to join a club or prepare to have a chance to participate in professional football tryouts. There are a few clubs actively scouting talents in Africa, but the pandemic situation has made it more challenging, changing the landscape of the available football programs… but we don’t give up! Our professional football academy Spain Rush-SPF has joined forces with our Regional Sports partners from Abu Dhabi to promote the discovery of promising players and future stars.

For this reason, we have created an international platform with a network of scouts that will change the perception of football scouting with a reliable, realistic attitude. The main goal of this initiative is to identify and develop football skills in African talents with training to form professional athletes. This program creates a structural pathway to fulfill their dreams promoting progress and community development, that will empower the next generation to become passionate about a sport that knows no limits.

What do football scouts look for ?

At first our football scouts look for specific natural talents such as reflexes, correct positioning, ball techniques handling, smart distribution, offensive minded players with a great attitude to evolve. A professional football scout will attend as many football matches as possible to assess and evaluate the targets at first glance. Once some individuals are selected on the first evaluation, we look for the personal technical attributes such as stamina, speed, composure, etc.… After a long and hard selection process we select the MVP that has most of the skills needed.

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We also need to work on the legal paths to bring the player to Europe and be part of our team. Such as visas, parent permissions, funds. Our professional football academy handles all this paperwork and with the help of our partners we can sponsor the player at no cost to them. This is where we want to introduce our new catch! the most recent Spain Rush-SPF international talent named Edward God’sgift, all the way from Yenagoa, Nigeria. A 20 year old player full of potential. When we first saw him we knew he was something else, he completed all the requirements and all the paperwork was done a soon as possible. As of today he is part our professional football academy in Spain, and we can’t be more happy to have him here with us! From Spain Rush-SPF we want to give you warm welcome to our team! We will work closely with you and we will give you all the support you need to embark in this new journey.

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Our football program in Spain will continue to grow with international football talents, standing strong in our philosophy, evolving with them, doing everything in our power to bring out the best in them! Moreover, if you wish to be part of this professional football academy or want to know more about football scouting in your country, send us a message, we will contact you as soon as possible. We are making professional football a reality every day.

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