rush soccer girls in spain

Girls Soccer Tryout in Spain

Benjamin Mayran SPF Academy News

Spain RUSH-SPF, just like Spain, promotes women’s soccer by organizing soccer tryouts in our academy.

Like Ava and Hope this summer, Cate and Riley joined us for 2 weeks from Rush Colorado. Once again, we saw that the girls from Rush are very talented! We are delighted to strengthen our links with the United States and allow young players to discover soccer in Spain.

rush soccer girls in spain
Rush soccer girls in Spain

Accompanied by Tim Shultz, CEO of Rush Soccer, their stay started in a good way! Indeed, they were able to attend the match opposing Real Madrid to FC Valencia in the mythical Santiago Bernabeu! 

Cate and Riley then set down their suitcases in our Mas Camarena resort where they discovered their room and all the facilities. Without delay, the two midfielders took part in their first training sessions and got to know the players of the academy. 

Quickly integrated, they then competed against local teams during the matches organized each week. Result: 1 win and 1 draw and a goal for Riley! 

Our short-term programs offer you the possibility of showing your skills at the best soccer clubs in Spain! Food, accommodation, transfer, and Spanish courses are included. Just focus on soccer and enjoy the healthiest city in the world !

Our girls soccer camp in Spain could have a duration of 2 weeks / 1 month / 2 months / 3 months.

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