Why soccer and studies are indissociable?

Benjamin Mayran SPF Academy News

soccer and studies

The 17th of November is the International Students’ Day, an international observance of student activism. It’s an opportunity to talk about how important is to find a balance between soccer and studies. At Spain Rush SPF, we know that’s a key for young footballers. 

Any young person with an intense passion for soccer and a burning desire to become a professional soccer player will have to make sacrifices to reach the top. For example, this could mean giving up free time, spending time away from home, or having a less active social life.

However, these sacrifices should never be about studying. 

As we know, a football career is short and it is essential to prepare early for a career transition. Indeed, not all soccer players have the salaries of Messi and Ronaldo. Also, the proportion of players who manage to living from football is very low.

our soccer's players from the academy having a class

« An educated player is able to better understand himself, the world and the game » – João Paiva, Player Relations Manager at the Swiss Association of Football Players (SAFP)

Academic study also leads to greater success on the soccer field. It should not be seen as a hindrance to a person’s passion for soccer. Rather, they should be seen as a benefit. Intellectual stimulation can be an important aid in building the mentality of a winner. 

For Gelson Fernandes, retired Swiss midfielder, studying imposes a daily discipline: « It gave me a framework and an organisation of work that we are not necessarily used to as footballers ». 

How soccer impacts studies?

In the other way around, sports impacts on education are limitless. It has got both physical and physiological benefits. Find below the 10 benefits of sports for students :  

  • Health
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Social Skills
  • Discipline
  • Brainpower
  • Career and passion
  • Improved energy levels
  • Managing emotions

Soccer and studies benefit each other : a soccer player should never neglect his academic education in the same way that doing sport improves the student’s abilities.