Youngest player of Spain Rush-SPF soccer academy

The youngest player of the academy

Benjamin Mayran SPF Academy News

Today, we would like to focus on the youngest player in our academyArtem Grigorian. Artem is 10 years old and comes from Russia. 

Our youngest player training with the academy
Artem shooting

He joined us in August and we are delighted to have him on board.

At Spain Rush-SPF, younger players are welcome and we’re happy to help them in their progression. The training sessions are fully adapted to the needs of the players according to their age. They also have the opportunity to compete with older players, which is a great opportunity to progress. 

Artem is a big football fan ! He starts playing when he was only 3 years old and he can’t stay away from the ball since that moment. He can count on his parents to support him and to attend his games. 

Artem had the honour to kick off the EURO 2020 match between Belgium and Russia at Saint Petersburg in front of 30 000 fans ! Unfortunately his team lost 3-0.

As a player, Artem’s position is winger, he has great dribbling skills but he doesn’t forget his defensive tasks. The Russian’s kid is a competitor and he shows an excellent team spirit. 

When he’s not playing with Spain Rush-SPF, Artem plays with Alboraya UD, located in the centre of Valencia. His team is in the category « Alevín B ».

Our youngest player during his game with Alboraya UD
Artem playing with Alboraya UD

We hope that Artem will continue to enjoy himself in Spain and progress to achieve his dreams.

Welcome to Spain Rush-SPF Artem !