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How does soccer advertising work?

Soccer for sure has become part of a huge variety of businesses. Soccer players have started the profession of actors in various commercials of their sponsors and partners. And it is very interesting as these commercials are really amazing and become very popular and catchy. Soccer advertising is really common nowadays.

Just try to think about the ads with football players and for sure you will memorise several with Messi, Ronaldo or Neymar that you saw several times on TV or on Instagram. It isn’t a secret that football players are influencers known perfectly all around the world. And the audience of the football players is consisting of people of all ages that makes a great job for the advertisers. But of course, the price of such commercials is also very high in parallel with the job done by football players. So, let’s talk about the commercials and the popular soccer players as influencers.

Social media soccer stars

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For 100% the first and foremost influencer is Cristiano Ronaldo because he has the biggest number of followers on Instagram (262 million followers at 15/02/2020). While going through his profile on Instagram we can find, for example, the ads of the companies as (with millions of likes for each advertisement):

  • Insparya hair company
  • Free fire India official
  • Clear men
  • Nike
  • Sixpad home gym and so on and on…

Commercial examples

Moreover, his video commercial also deserve attention. For example:

  • The commercial for Nike that was published before the Euro 2016 (The Switch for Nike) and shows us that all dreams can come true and everyone can reach the goal of becoming a professional football player.
  • Not a sport commercial for Armani Jeans where Cristiano Ronaldo showed him not in the role of a football player.

Second football player that can be also called one of the most popular influencers is Lionel Messi.

Even in the commercial field Ronaldo and Messi are the main competitors. In Instagram Lionel Messi has 184 millions of followers. While going through his profile in Instagram we can find, for example, the ads of the companies as:

  • Lays
  • OrCam technology
  • Gatorade
  • Adidas
  • Pepsi and so on and on…

Also, as Ronaldo Messi became a star of the very popular video commercials such as:

  • Turkish Airlines commercial with Messi and Kobe Bryant can be called one of the best commercials ever for the idea and realisation.
  • 2014 World Cup Lays Commercial. Together with Brazilian songs and smiling Messi this commercial makes you feel the vibe of the holidays and celebration of the FIFA World Cup.
  • Adidas commercial during the lockdown with the support from Messi “The greatest gift of all is to create joy for others”. Great idea from Adidas and amazing realisation.
  • Pepsi and Messi became good friends and are making very interesting commercials together.

We can say without a doubt that football players can be real actors in the various commercials while perfectly doing their job of the influencers. This is the special kind of commercials that will continue to grow with time and we can see a lot of football stars in this role.