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Diego Armando Maradona, for many the best player in history and an unprecedented icon in Argentina, died of a heart attack at home. His enormous soccer legacy will remain forever in the memory of all soccer fans. How many things do you know about Maradona?

In this article we will see the 5 things you need to know about Maradona.

The Young Maradona

The youngest professional player

  • At the age of 16, in February 1977, he joined the Argentinian Eleven team and became the youngest professional player in the history of soccer.

1986 World Cup victory

  • He reached the peak of his career with the 1986 World Cup victory with Argentina. There he scored two goals of the anthology: the famous goal illegally scored with his left hand, he recognized the gesture later and name this “the hand of God”. The second goal was the fruit of his ability to dribble and wipe out a number of defenders before finally finding the back of the net.

The world’s most expensive transfer

  • Maradona was the first player in the history of soccer to set the world’s most expensive transfers twice, first when he was transferred to Barcelona for a record at the time of £5 million, and second when he was transferred to Naples for another record of £6.9 million.

Maradona VS Real Madrid

  • When Maradona played for Barcelona, in a Classic against Madrid played at the Santiago Bernabeu he scored a goal in such a spectacular way that the fans of Madrid applauded him, a fact that has only happened three times in the history of the Bernabeu.

To conclude, Maradona wasn’t just a footballer: he was a successful TV presenter, a controversial soccer coach and manager, a commentator, a central protagonist of world entertainment, a political activist and an example for millions of people around the world.

His sporting successes have led him to be an ambassador for UNICEF and FIFA, a “dream teacher” at Oxford University and coach of soccer teams in Mexico, Belarus and the United Arab Emirates, among others, and of the Argentinean national team.

This is how the “Pibe de Oro”, the “Pelusa“, the “Cosmic Kite“, became “D10S“.

Find the main stages of Maradona’s journey right here

  • 1960 Diego Armando was born in the province of Buenos Aires. In 1976, he started playing pro with Argentinos Junior.
  • 1979 First World Cup victory with the Argentinean national under-20 team in Japan
  • 1986 The famous “Hand of God” against England in Mexico 86. Argentina wins the World Cup by beating Germany.
  • 1997 Retired as a professional player on his 37th birthday after a third doping control.
  • 2000 He won the FIFA Player of the Century Award, with Pele.
  • 2008 Became coach of the Argentinean national team for two years and continued to lead teams until his death.