soccer academy quarantine in spain

A Soccer Academy in Quarantine

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Meeting with SPF Academy Players, a soccer Academy in Quarantine

Bored during quarantine? SPF Academy players make it easy for you. Halil and Yarik or Chase and Keanu will help you to hang out and discover curiosities about them and so you can get an inside look at what a soccer academy in quarantine looks like!

The questions range from soccer too much more personal aspects of our players. We will discover, like them, if they know each other and remember their birthdays. Questions from who is more likely to change positions in soccer or who would be more likely to jump naked on a soccer field.

Let’s make confinement not so long by listening to Chase and Keanu’s responses to who would get a tattoo before, who is more flirtatious or who could go longer without showering. Know which of the two knows more languages, which travels the most and which does not stop talking about football all day.


Also, with Halil and Yarik we will find out who receives more yellow cards, who is better at math or who is angrier with each other. Who is the loudest and annoys the other, who will marry before or who is more unpunctual when they are left. Find out who is most likely to set a world record and what would it be like.


Moreover, Halil’s laughter, Yarik’s joy, Chase’s hilarious words and Keanu’s good vibes help us have a good time getting to know our players better.

And that’s because we always have to look for a positive side. Knowing each other a little better is always a good thing, which helps us understand the people we have side by side in our daily lives. Many times, maybe because of the lack of time, we do not stop to know each other a little more and it is something that we should change because of this quarantine. After all, a team is like a big family and we have it clear in Spanish Pro Football!

Cheer up friends!

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