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Is it possible to be a professional soccer player and study?

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Will my child have time to study and train?

Will my son be able to finish his studies while competing in professional soccer? Many are the players and families who wonder if this is possible. At SPF we have no doubts. This is possible!

From Spanish Pro Football we take care of organizing the time of our players so that they only worry about studying and training. The professional career of football is as important as the education and academic training of our players. All our soccer programs are combined with a curriculum adapted to the needs and choice of the same player.

In Spain, mandatory education is until 16 years old. Therefore from SPF Academy, we take care that our players meet this academic requirement. We offer two types of education. The first one is in Spanish with the possibility of learning other languages such as German or English and the second offer is about studying in English.

One of the different educational options is a Spanish intensive course during 2-3 months for the students who have problems with the language. In this way, students can get good Spanish level quickly. Speak Spanish is a very important skill when you come to play soccer here. In this process, it will be much easier for you to start in a team and feel part of it.

Speak Spanish is a very important skill when you come to play soccer here.

On the other hand, education in an English High School will help you grow in the language, instead, if you want to join this school you need to be sure that you have a high level of English written read and spoken.

From that age on, education is optional, despite this, SPF Academy encourages players to continue their studies and, above all, Spanish classes to continue improving. Players are people and they are not only dedicated to doing sports. They must have more activities outside their sports routine to improve their development as people.

We create training and study routines so that our players also have free time to dedicate themselves. In the morning, they train with the SPF players. After this, they go to class at their respective schools. They stop to eat and have free time. In the afternoon they train with their respective clubs and after dinner, they have free time again before going to sleep to prepare the next day.

soccer high-perfomance academy in Spain
Soccer high-performance academy in Spain with an educational program

The time management of the studies and the training of our players is our work and they only have to worry about following their goals. Yes, as you can read it’s possible to combine sports and studies.

The best way to combine the two activities is to become a good time manager.

The best way to combine the two activities is to become a good time manager. For example, day and night have 24 hours, eight for sleeping, six for studying and two for meals. Five for training and three for study. The support of parents and sports authorities is very important for the athlete to have a good sports development, without leaving aside the good relationship with the coaching staff, who is a large part of the process become second parents.

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