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We know that Spain and especially, the Mediterranean Spanish Coast, are ones of the most appreciated places to visit and enjoy football in the world. Today we analyze the reasons that make Valencia a Football Place. These are the big 5 reasons why Valencia it’s one of the best options to join a high-performance football academy or a football training camp.

Reasons that make Valencia a Football Place

WEATHER that makes Valencia a Soccer Place

In the first place, Valencia is a city that registers 300 sunny days per year. One of the most valuables things for a football player is to feel comfortable inside the field. The temperature is important. But not only the temperature. Maybe the worst thing about playing football in the wind. Valencia is fitted on the Mediterranian Sea Coast, with light breezes that make you feel good instead of windy conditions that annoy the football practice

FOOTBALL PHILOSOPHY that makes Valencia a Soccer Place

You can find 3 LaLiga TOP clubs in the surrounding area. Moreover, Valencia CF uses to play Champions League, Villarreal CF usually on the highest positions and Europa League and Levante UD, as a regular club fighting to achieve European positions. We can define our people as football people. To live in Valencia means to be involved in football conversations, football on the streets, football everywhere. In conclusion, our people love football, our kids love football and we bring our football passion to our guests…

CULTURE that makes Valencia a Soccer Place

But Valencia is a big city and we have a lot of cultural options. To live in a big city, assure your access to many concerts, museums, fairs and so on. But we want to highlight the ones that make us different. Mediterranean diet is suggested for all professional football players and we can offer our typical Paella as a 5 stars food. On a summer day, nothing like drink a glass of traditional ‘Horchata’ that is a kind of tiger nut milk, energetic, antioxidant and rich proteinic beverage.

Both, Paella and Horchata come from our origins. And we value our cultural heritage.

LOCATION that makes Valencia a Soccer Place

As we said before talking about the weather, as reasons that make Valencia a Football Place, Valencia is located on the Mediterranean Sea Coast. Moreover, Valencia International Airport and Valencia Train Station are considered ideal for a lot of TOP European clubs for their winter stages. 90 minutes from Madrid by train, 2 hours from Great Britain mixed with our weather, culture and football philosophy. 5 stars hotels, resorts, golf courts, and football-specific training facilities will give you the chance to choose what’s best for your family, team or club.

LIFE QUALITY that makes Valencia a Soccer Place

After all, Valencia orography and weather allow doing a lot of outside plans. Part of our character, extroverted and open-minded comes from our social skills and our ability to interact with a different kind of people coming from all over the world. We welcome people and people feel welcomed here. As Claudio Ranieri answered to a football journalist after he was questioned about coming back to Valencia to coach (for the second time) the Valencia CF first team… I WILL GO BY SWIMMING FROM HERE (he was living in London after being Chelsea’s coach until this moment).

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