Customized training for injured players

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In today’s blog post we’d like to talk about the work of our fitness and physiotherapy specialists. On many occasions, our players are unable to do the training that coaches prepare for the entire team due to injury or illness.

On these occasions both J.M. Periáñez, Fitness Coach of SPF and Robin Hanon, Physiotherapy of SPF, are responsible for performing recovery exercises completely customized for each player and each ailment.

An example of this is the case of our player Yarik, who had a broken radius in his right arm, which made it impossible for him to train with the rest of the group.

SPF Player with a broken radius in his right arm

Due to the upper train injury, the work is focused on maintaining the performance of the player. Everything is based on natural movements of football such as the change of direction, the sprint, the vertical jump or the pass. We also work on active arm recovery.

Yarik doing special exercises guided by J.M. Periáñez

The work of our specialists is fundamental to avoid possible serious injuries to the players.