New residence! La Petxina Sports Complex & Spanish Pro Football

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The start of the new season 2019/20 is very close. The entire SPF staff is working hard on the planning of the course and its contents, to offer our students a high-quality program, in which they can improve as footballers and above all as people and that meets all their expectations.

For this, in addition to our effort and daily work, the total involvement, commitment and the best behaviour on the part of our athletes are necessary. Our mission is to provide them with all the necessary tools, facilitating their lives so that they are solely focused on their responsibilities.

Map of <strong><a href="">Petxina Sports Complex</a></strong>

The main novelty for the next season and within the philosophy of continuous improvement will be the change of the residence that housed our athletes.

SPF has reached an agreement with the La Petxina Sports Complex to locate our academy in its facilities for the 2019/20 season. The Petxina Sports Complex is a first-class residence specialized in athletes and used daily by professionals from various sports.

The residence covers all the needs that athletes need and we consider that it is the ideal environment for the daily life of our players. Our players will share their day to day with other young athletes from multiple disciplines and from different nationalities which will make their experience much more enriching.

As a reference of quality, the Complex collaborates directly with top-level clubs. Some teams use the residence for their young promises so our students will live with them on a daily basis.

The facility is located in the heart of Valencia just opposite the great park of the Turia River.

The Sports Complex has various facilities that can be used by residents. Within the weekly program, our players will have gym sessions as they can use the large room equipped with multiple machines. In addition, pool sessions will be included in the same installation. The complex has an indoor pool.

<br><strong>Indoor pool </strong>of <strong><a href=""> Petxina Sports Complex</a></strong>
<br><strong>Gym </strong>of <strong><a href=""> Petxina Sports Complex</a></strong>

The rooms are very spacious and they all have air conditioning, private bathroom and are exterior.

Meals are served in a large restaurant in the same facility. The menus are buffet-style with several options to choose from, made by a team of nutritionists and fully adapted to the demands of professional athletes. The residence also offers personalized menus in case of allergies or intolerances. In addition, you can make menus for Muslim residents.

Large <strong>restaurant </strong>in the same facility.

We hope that these modifications are to your liking and we insist on the improvements that the SPF team is constantly making for the welfare of our students so that their daily life is more pleasant to do so.

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