Official collaboration with Australian football development company Oxidate Performance.

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From SPF we think collaborations with other prominent world academies and international high-performance academies of football are the basement of a high-quality offer for any soccer academy. We are working hard to create a big soccer net all around the world. Today we want to present one of our last agreements with Oxidate Performance. They are specialized in football development focused in Melbourne, Australia. We are separate for more than 17.000 km between us however we have the same philosophy about working and coaching.

Oxidate is one of the leading coaching companies in Melbourne Australia and together we seek to produce great talent. They deliver a unique sports science-based program, focused on injury prevention and physical performance to highlight their athlete’s capability. Moreover, they have exceptionally low injury statistics whilst working with a broad cohort of athletes across Victoria, interstate and abroad.

We are especially hopeful about this agreement and we spect that it could be the beginning of one important bridge connecting Melbourne and Valencia for future new collaborations.

If you are interested to know more about our programs, send us an email to with your football resume and we will bring you a suitable program for your possibilities!

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