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Our last incorporation from Japan, Hiromu Tanaka

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The Japanese family enrolled at the Spanish Pro Football Academy is rising with our last member, Hiromu Tanaka from Tochigi.

Hiromu is an eighteen years old midfielder started last week a pro football player program in the Spanish Pro Football Academy as a part of his career for a professional football player.

Before arriving at this point Hiromu Tanaka passed thought some recognized football academies in Japan. That is the case of Minato Soccer Club, a relevant club from Tochigi prefecture where Hiromu Tanaka has been enrolled in the under 15 category bringing great times during all the time he was playing for its academy teams.

After his years with Minato Soccer Club, Hiromu decided to take a step forward in his career and when he turned 15 years old he decided to answer the call from Yaita Chuo High School Football team.

Yaita Chuo has one of the most recognized football programs in Japan, it was a great opportunity for Hiromu having the opportunity to play in the national under 18-second division. It was there where Hiromu Tanaka showed his incredible skills as a midfielder with very powerful athletics skills.Japanese Players Spain Football Academy

Ren arrived at the Spanish Pro Football Academy past week enrolling in our professional player development program. He will develop a bespoke two months program with two main goals;

  • Improve his football skills according to the Spanish Game Style in technical and tactical aspects.
  • Executing some trials in Spanish teams for a tentative semiprofessional contract for the next football season

With this entire scenario, the Spanish Pro Football Academy elaborates a list of trials to be executed by the player to finally achieve a contract proposal from the team.

These proposals are usually amateur or semi-professional proposal bringing the opportunities to the players to start their path to the professional football career competing in academies leagues where the Spanish La Liga teams search players for their academy teams.

If you are interested in how to be enrolled in our Spanish Football team trial program don’t hesitate to reach us at info@spanishprofootball.com and we will bring you a bespoke proposal