Coach Formation Spain Spanish Pro Football Association

Internship group from York College starts their Spanish Football experience with SPF Academy

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The partnership between Everything is possible and Spanish Pro Football Academy is bringing its first results.  Teenager’s beneficiaries’ from Yorkshire County came this week to start an internship program over two weeks integrated into the staff of Spanish Pro Football Academy.

The group is formed by Bachelor of Sports alumnus currently developing their academic formation in York College, one of the most recognized academic institutions in the British territory.

York College offers a wide range of academic and vocational qualifications at all levels in a state of the art building bringing the best options for the academic internships. In this sense the partnership between York College, Everything is Possible Organization and Spanish Pro Football Academy pretend to bring to the Btech of Sports´ Students an international learning experience integrated into a professional sports structure.

Coach Formation Spain Spanish Pro Football Association

Everything is Possible is a non-profit organization offering international mobility opportunities for vocational educational training and volunteering.

The sporting management formation is being a key academic area in society and the importance of a good understanding of the different skills and knowledge of the sports has a relevant role in the academic environment.

The students said, “We are terrify excited for the opportunity to have our first work experience in one international environment as Spanish Pro Football Academy is”. “The opportunity to work in Spain is unplayable”.

Spanish Pro Football Academy is committed with the advance of the sports society and bringing an internship opportunity to these students is our way to pay back the good to our society.

If you are interested to participate in the training program of “Everything is Possible” you can reach it at or if you are an academy, an organization or a club and do you want to do your own coaches formation program reach us at