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Swiss precision for SPF Academy; Mourad and Valir new players enrolled.

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Spanish Pro Football Academy is growing in the number of players and origin countries, the last incorporation to our football academy comes from the land of the luxury watches and gruyere cheese; Switzerland.

Surrounded by some of the highest football leagues of the planet, Switzerland is being a fund of quality players for all the European leagues including Spain.

This week arrived at our football academy in Spain two Swiss football players; Mourad Chagna and Valir Miftari. These are our first Swiss players being enrolled in the Spanish Pro Football Academy.

Mourad is a France-Swiss football player born in Geneve in 2001, included in the new incoming talented football player´s generation. He started his football career at FC Veyrier Sports where he early showed his great attitude into the squad and his will to be a professional football player.

Professional Football Player Program SPF Academy MOURAD

Playing like a midfielder offensive or right wing, Mourad is an “always in my team” player, combining precision in the game and deep tactical understanding of the game, he is in a general view a good player.

His goal being enrolled into the SPF Academy is to upgrade his level in all the football aspects into the Spanish Football Standard and star to play in the Spanish leagues with one of the associated football clubs with Spanish Pro Football Academy in the region of Valencia at the junior level.

The second players enrolled in the professional football player development program is Valir. Born in 2004, and with Kosovar heritage, he recently turned 15 years old so he is into the cadet group of international players enrolled in the academy.

Professional Football Player Program SPF Academy Valir

Valir started his football career at FC Meyrin where he brought pretty good performances in the field who moves him to take the decision to move to Spain to continues his football career.

If you are interested in how to follow Valir and Mourad steps and being enrolled in the professional player development program don’t hesitate to reach us at and we will bring you a bespoke proposal.